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02-06-2013, 07:17 PM
All I got to suggest is I would like to see the game changed from instead of you pressing F or some button over and over and over again in between little segments of actual game play that to get the immersion out of the Star Trek feeling which lured most of us here to exist when we play this game.

As far as things I could fathom seeing in the game but do not is one I would like to see the content of iconic ships like the intrepid class(10 second armor ), multi vector (The binding of the elmers glue detaches 2 pieces of paper to be burned to a crisp), defiant (I'm a strong advocate of the KDF having their uniqueness but the way cloaking devices work and the immersion of the franchise this ship is deserving of a battle cloak maybe with more strings attached but it needs more love in its canon aspect), and b'rel (I cannot find photons anywhere that can do what changs were doing) function more like we knew them to be even if they only appeared in the series for 10 seconds or more.

Another aspect on the way missions are designed, written, or portray events... I see many elements of the Federation and Klingon Empire but usually its a small element of the federation and then copied and pasted with KDF sticker slapped to the side of it. To me its not just fed or kdf its all about how an event can unfold and the role the character takes in it. So as a new captain in the federation, a section 31 agent, possibly a new maquis, a klingon general, a renegade of the KDF, etc. My suggestion on that is give players options on how it unfolds in retrospect tho the conclusions to them would be near the same imo but it would make for a more like Star Trek game than what we have been getting.

I hope I didn't offend anyone on that I just wanted to see what if anything I don't know can be told and try to get some suggestions thrown out there to try to make this a better game for everyone... Well almost everyone