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02-06-2013, 07:29 PM
I doubt that the size of the ship would break the game, there are objects in game that are much larger already, but it size would make it unplayable. Think of how badly an Odyssey turns and multiply that by 50, now add in that because it is so big, everything else is tiny in comparison, now think of how you would play the game with this big damn ship in the middle of the screen that turns so slow it's almost stationary and a bunch of tiny ships skittering around it, half of which you can't see because the ship blocks the view and when you zoom out, all you really get to see is the ship, everything else are little dots and tiny shapes completely wasting the combat visual effects .
In order to get the ship into the game it would have to be shrunk down to a fraction of its size to make it playable and then it won't be the same ship anymore because it's way smaller than it should be. If the ship makes an appearance such as somehow being pulled back trough time it would be as an NPC item like a Borg cube or command ship, you could see it, you might be able to beam aboard and do a mission on it, it could even serve as a base of operations for other missions, but it would not be useful as a player ship any more than a starbase would be useful as a player ship.