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in all the places i run 2 AtB, its extreamly tempting to run 2 AtD, with the great movement buff and resistance it offers. still, it cant beat the cooldown reduction power of AtB. APO at its global will add maneuverability nicely. on that ship it would free up the universal for 2 sci heals and a TB, all things that ship needs. with just the COM tac you can have at global APO, CRF, TT and ether a torp, beam or APD for the last slot.

i don't think you have anything as spectacular as you think there
drunk sorry man but you are wrong. i have omega 3 on global as it is. i doubt im lacking much dps by using rapid 2 and 1. we all did that in the past. i have a turn rate of 57. i have full jem mk12. i will replace the sheild with maco mk12 when i hit t5.

if i have a turn rate of 57. x right now what do you think maco would add to it? it would push me over the bug ship in terms of turn rate. no tss2? thats ok. i got sheild drones in recall mode to put me at 110 defense. let me see the bug ship do that. 48,751 hit points on hull.

350 crew. yeah all you guys tryed to call me an rp'er for that. how much of an rp'er am i when i speced 6 points into sub rep with human bo for trait stacking with a space nurse to keep crew at 75%. not even taking into account for the trait/ passive techie. so hull regen rate anyone? so far this ship can do much better over all then a bug ship could. also we all see trasn torp builds so again, aux2damp wins here. ive been eating tric mines left and right and i surived that better then the bug players were.

really i wanted to hold back this info. i really thought you guys would have looked at everything as a total. drunk you know i like you and massive respect to you. but really man you failed to look at the whole system as a total on this 1. i did as well. i made it a mission to put this ship together and make everything fit into place. so far im doing it as well as can be expected with this ship. it becomes easier when you look at the whole system. is it annoying to fly? yes very much. aux2damp works off of aux power. im using 2 purple mk11 rcs. so always swaping to aux power for that boost gets micro intensive. but it puts me at 57.5 i belive? or 57.3? something around that. but it is 57.x 2 purple mk12 rcs with maco shield will push me to the 60 turn rate mark.

also to note, omega engines would probly be best for that turn rate as well. but being i can push my engines as far down as i can into aux actually boost it better. a bug ship can get to 58 turn rate or 59.3 with out use of aux2damp. but again aux2damp is a very good skill with 100% uptime. i had a team switch to vm due to this.

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