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350 crew. yeah all you guys tryed to call me an rp'er for that. how much of an rp'er am i when i speced 6 points into sub rep with human bo for trait stacking with a space nurse to keep crew at 75%. not even taking into account for the trait/ passive techie. so hull regen rate anyone? so far this ship can do much better over all then a bug ship could. also we all see trasn torp builds so again, aux2damp wins here. ive been eating tric mines left and right and i surived that better then the bug players were.

I've discussed some of the most awesome Crew builds on the forums and even in OPvP. No matter how awesome they are...they're pointless because of Theta.

Grab the Jem engines, 2 pc KHG/AMACO, Nurse/Medic, EFF, BFM, 5x Human BOFFs, grab Subsystem Repair, SIFs, etc, etc, etc...somebody drops Theta. It all becomes pointless.
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