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Your options at 50 for a Klingon Sci Captain are a bit limited. It essentially breaks down to this:

Bird of Prey type vessel. There are several variants out there of BoPs that might interest you at level 50. These tactical vessels have all universal slots, and so can be configured as a sci ship. I don't think you get Sensor Analysis or subsystem targeting...but you can maximize sci abilities in these fairly easily. I have seen sci captains in a BoP wreak incredible havoc...but it takes practice, and some of the finer points of piloting these vessels can be complicated if you want to survive in one.

The Varanus. There is a Tier 5 version, as well as a Fleet version of this vessel. To be honest though...the fleet version is sort of..."meh." I expected more than what was done with these. This is the only "True" sci vessel at level 50 that the Klingons have at this point...but in May, I am expecting to see a couple more come into play.

The Korath Sci Lockbox Ship (Temporal Sci Vessel). This is arguably the best "sci" ship for the Klingons. It is unfortunate that it is a lockbox ship. Very high manueverability (similar to a Tac vessel), excellent shields, sensor analysis, and some interesting consoles. My Sci captain flies one of these.

The Vo'Quv carrier. This is sort of considered a sci vessel on the Klingon side. Carrier ops are very different from other vessel operations -- it isn't for everybody...and Vo'Quvs often fit best as a combat support role, although they are viable in solo PvP as well. Personally, I don't like the turn rate on these.

That is what you basically have available if you want to emphasize Sci abilities at level 50 on the Klingon side. However...I am hopeful for May. There is an incredible imbalance in sci ships between the Feds and the I sort of half expect that one or two of the new ships coming our way will be sci variants. We will see.

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