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Originally Posted by thegrimcorsair View Post
Question 1:

Can you deal enough damage fast enough to secure a kill before the target or his allies are able to react to you?

Question 2:

If the answer to question 1 is no, can you sustain enough DPS, after resistances, to exceed the HPS being delivered to your target to secure a kill before succumbing to return fire yourself?
I suppose it comes down to a guestimate in the end, eh? An average. This "X" is generally enough burst. This "Y" is generally enough sustained damage. You want to be "X+" or "Y+", but in most cases "X" and "Y" will get the job done - obviously there will be exceptions, more "X" and more "Y" is always better as long as you don't leave yourself open to being the victim of "X" or "Y" yourself.

When you're looking at 9k+ shields/not including shield damage reduction and 40-50k+ hull/not including hull resists - if you're trying to do "X" before the guy can react, you're looking at 60k+ damage/not including shield damage reduction or hull resists in 1-2 seconds. DPB'd Trics come to mind...not DHCs.

Folks using Phaser DHCs, hoping for a lucky proc to take out the shields so less damage is required. Tet Glider to apply that negative shield regen hit so the shields vaporize faster and less damage is required. Like I said in the other post, there's just so many variables.

It's not a case of questioning whether DHCs are the better weapon if you can maintain some semblance of the 45 arc on the target. It's not a case of questioning whether they're going to shine with a Tac captain. It's not even a case of questioning whether putting the DHCs and a Tac captain in an Escort is going to create years worth of threads from folks complaining about them.

It's saying that anything else is what I question. If XYZ's what you want and ABC's what you want to avoid, what is it that XYZ is doing and what is it that ABC is doing - hard numbers.

TBH, it goes both ways though. For those saying they can get it done with XYZ, where are there numbers to support those claims as well?

There's just too much of a focus on XYZ/ABC, imho, while ignoring the rest that's going on. The XYZ that blows his wad while the target's fully not likely to acknowledge what they did wrong...they'll think something else is wrong. The ABC guy that sees the target pop after throwing his cottonballs at it - might think they're God's Gift to PvP...oblivious to the buff stripping and debuffs that took place to render the target killable by cottonballs.

I hate how much of what I'm saying is as vague as the stuff I'm trying to see as less vague. That's the nature of it, in my mind though, it is pretty vague. Opportunity presents itself or you create that opportunity, and the target dies. Too many folks make it out to be little more than some early 90s FPS game...
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