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02-06-2013, 11:30 PM
It really depends on what you want to do as a sci captain. Mine has flown a handful of Bop's, Raptors, and the Kar'fi. Eventually i settled her on the Kar'fi, but there is alot of fun to be had in raptors or BOPs.

BOPS: tend to build some what around a theme. You wont get any boosts to the ship for sciency stuff like you would with a real science ship, but you can build for control in a bop due to the universals and still have some tactical abilities to tinker with to boost damage.

Raptor: Not a science ship at all, your building for raw damage, however your scan and snb can come in handy, though to be fair this shines more in pvp than it does in pve where snb has few uses. Still, there is fun to be had in it.

Kar'fi: *shiver* love this carrier, has enough science to help control the board, enough turn to USE it and enough tactical to lay down some hurt if needed. The pets also are not shabby! For me this is all win to my sci klink =)

The gorn sci ship..I had it. Was NOT a fan. its way too clunky for a sci ship, imo. But it does make a good healing platform, if thats what you want to do go for it =)