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Originally Posted by starscreamfighte View Post
Not at all, It was in one of the final episodes when the fleets were clashing and fighting their way to Cardassia, it appears after Mortok and Worf jump in with their BoPs, When the whole Klingon Fleet appears, it's the huge Klingon Ship in the middle of the mass.
Worf was on the Defiant during the last episode of DS9, so he couldn't have "jumped in".
The only time he did something remotely like that was during the th season in "Sacrifice of Angels" and there was no ship that fits the description if it either.,

Originally Posted by starscreamfighte View Post
I didn't know what it was until Star Trek Magezine back in the day published an article about it, it was a cross between Klingon and Gorn Technology, mainly illustrated in a Star Trek book (back story while the Dominion War was undergoing, the Klingon Empire conquered the Gorn, or something like that)

I'll see if I can find a screen shot or pic.
If the Klingons had supposedly conquered the Gorn (which they didn't) during the DOminion War, why would they conquer them again afterwards in the STo backstory decades later?