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02-07-2013, 12:01 AM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
..... However I still believe the weapon restrictions should be more widespread, keep certain weapons on certain ships only, and then alter how the weapons work to make them better tailored to that ship-class....
I used to think that way, but my hopes are that by opening up DHCs to fed cruisers people will figure out why some weapons are limited to some ships, its really all about turning ability... except for some of the slowest KDF ships, but those are still allowed to mount DHCs for the sake of faction flavor.

Besides, for all I know someone might really get a kick out of using a all DHC/turret fed cruiser, who am I to tell them what they can or cannot try? I will say my willingness to throw all restrictions to the wind is in part due to STO being so clearly non canon though, we have to work with what we have.