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Originally Posted by bacfe View Post
Moe isn't inherently bad.
Then why does most modern anime make me violently ill?

I miss when anime had standards of a sort, even if the art of dubbing from those days was severely underdeveloped. Akira, Ninja Scroll, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Dragonball/early Dragonball Z, early Gundam (take your pick, really), The Big O... you know, good anime. Crap like Naruto and whatever Haruhi Suzumia clone is popular these days just repulse me.

And I contest your assertion that " beach swimsuit episodes with jiggly breasts" are a bad thing. Used appropriately, fanservice is nothing but good for nearly any series. It was a welcome diversion in Witchblade.

Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
or shows that are nothing more than a marketing device to sell useless plastic crap to spoiled adolescents whose parents have more money than brains.
I wish I could argue this but somewhere between Kuuga and Kiva, Kamen Rider just... tanked. Well, Double was pretty good, but basically everything else post-Decade just reeks of BUY THE TOY.

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