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I wanted to start creating missions, but the STO wiki instructions are outdated, as some of the instructions give examples that are no longer available using the current foundry tools.

Such as when selecting text and clicking 'Highlight' to choose different modes of text, the 'Highlight' button is not on the text edit box, as well as many other things that are mentioned in the STO wiki, that is not in the foundry tools.

I know there's more to the foundry tools than I can make out, but trying to follow the STO wiki, leads me to a dead end.

Is there a current updated pdf file with everything covered on using the foundry tools to create missions, not just the basics, but also leading up to creating more complicated missions using timers, object actions, etc etc.

Looking at the STO wiki, I can only see how to create text based missions, and simple space combat missions, but I also see from other foundry missions timers, accolades, higher level missions, etc etc.