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02-07-2013, 01:48 AM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Well these results, even if the sample size is small, keep me convinced I've been smart to not bother with console fabrication.

1) You need some seriously expensive doffs to get max purple % chance. (10 to 20 mill each? I haven't looked in a while)
2) 300 powered alien artifacts represents in the 390 to 410 million EC region.

The OP would need to have gotten 8 to 12 (or more) MK XII consoles of truly high end value (read: MK XII Purple Tac Consoles) just to break even.
I make consoles for ec in this game. Probably not the best choice how it often depends on luck and me not spending more than I make, and not having enough to buy more arts and particles.

I make 21 consoles a day across 7 toons. (Toons are purple critical trait, resolve, and engineer 24/51/24)
My console spread purple blue and green right now:


I buy 350 particle sets (set= 1 of each of the 10 particles) and buy (350) artifacts to infuse. Sometimes it seems I get lucky and make back what I put in, and then some. Other times I barely break even, and if I spent any of the money I got from consoles I have to buy piecemeal. I really love the times that strange arts cost 400k-700k range but now its 800k and up right now. Also fyi the console market takes a nose dive when a lockbox is released people spend ec on lockbox keys and ships instead of consoles which means a negative profit on most consoles. Tetryon gens blue used to be 2 million are now less than 800k.

I've had similar distribution of consoles as the original OP, where it seems some consoles are spammed through the system. I'm just wondering if the random number generator is spread out over everyone or just for a person. Because if it was just for a person you would probably see a more even distribution of the different consoles.

Also has anyone noticed if certain critical traits gives more of a specific type? Like say cunning trait gives more engineering consoles. I'm probably going to start keeping track to see what I find out. We want this help build support!