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02-07-2013, 01:01 AM
Clarification question; when you say 'Add Q to the Academies', do you mean move him from ESD/First City to the Academies or make a 'second' Q at the Academies?

Either way, I'll probably thank you for it. It was getting annoying going to Sol/Qro'nos, then to ESD/First City, then the respective Academies, then back to ESD/First City for the Present Patrol. Cutting out half the run-around to get and turn in the mission will make it more worth doing. (Hey, it's already given me a reason to do the Path to 2508 stuff again since I'm at the Academies anyway, so that's good.)

For the record, I enjoy "Temporal Ambassador" and how it fills in some of the gaps with "Yesterday's Enterprise" and the alternate Tasha.