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02-07-2013, 01:32 AM
Originally Posted by ztempest View Post
LOL. You know...I just saw that. Sigh. Oh well. Still -- the topic is now valid, now that there is buzz regarding a level increase and Tier 6 ships in several of the interviews DStahl has done recently.

Oh well.
I would argue... that we may as well just re-classify all ships with the "Fleet" Moniker as well as several of the Lock Box Ships (basically any ship with 10 consoles instead of 9) as Tier 6 instead of Tier 5 as they are in effect a Tier above what was generally expected to have been available back when this thread was first produced.

In fact, in the case of Fleet Vessels in particular there is a serious issue of there actually being multiple tiers above and beyond Tier 5 due to there being additional tiers of ships based on the tier of shipyard your fleet has access to. So you could almost say that the Fleet Ships are Tiers 6 through 10.

Additionally, I thought I had heard that Cryptic was going to be focusing on the Reputation system more than the leveling system from now on. So them adding new levels now would kind of defeat the purpose of them having added the reputation system if you ask me.