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# 1 Tray Reset Is A Killer
02-07-2013, 01:57 AM
I did the Temporal Ambassador mission today and got my two new free ships. Then I went to ESD to look them over and customize them a bit. They're not bad...especially with such an easy mission to win them for free. Anyway, I was done and then switched back to my regular ship with just enough time for one more quick elite STF.

Most of you probably know what happened next!

I jumped right into battle with my whole tray randomly rearranged and my spacebar keybinds not doing anything. Not only that, but my mine launcher was suddenly the only weapon set to autofire, so I left a trail of mines everywhere I flew. It was terrible. I couldn't find things I needed. I could barely use any of my buffs. Etc., etc., etc. And, yes, I did have my power tray locked.

LESSON LEARNED: Always beam to your ship and check your tray and keybinds before you jump into battle.
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