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Originally Posted by rudiefix1 View Post
Klink tac1: B'rel for hit/run

Klink tac2: fleet K'tinga with brutal A2B plasma build

Klink engineer: Fleet Corsair cruiser: Best healer ship in game. Don't understand why Im the only one which uses it

Klink sci: Vo'Quv. But planning to make a "maximum disable duration" B'rel or Heng'ta or fleet Hoh'sus

Fed tac: Fleet saber: underated escort. Keep at high speed and its also very tanky

Fed eng: D'kora, useless cannon build. Thinking of getting the fleet advanced (MVAE) to make a kind of classic DBB/quant spike combined with ST3 healer, and give my main character an usefull job again

Fed sci: Wells timeship: best FED healer
plastinga is a lot of fun this is so far the only kdf fleet ship i bought. You know it could be romulan after all.

After winning another Module I upgraded my Noobula, caue i just love mah space frog.

For the eng/d'kora try beams...i know its still beams, but i allows you to paly more cruiser like.

I'm currently running a somehwat expensive version of the breen ship.

*waves hand* these are not the subsystems you were looking for
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