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Originally Posted by whatinblueblazes View Post
That's a great list. Thank you for compiling it. Would you mind if I eventually edit the OP and incorporate it? Hopefully I can gather the feedback from the thread and consolidate it into one post for ease of reading.

I find myself in agreement with regards to the KCB and Directed Energy Distribution Manifolds... although I seem to recall that the devs set the KCB's damage per second fairly high to offset the lack of console buffs. Also, the KCB benefits pretty substantially from the borg tractor beam from the original borg 3-piece set. Still, it would really breathe life into DEDMs.
Just an fyi but the ferengi console does buff the KCB, I havent tried a warhead or mine console individualy so I don't know if its just that console of some cross refrence from a specific boost. Hell it could be the power transfer for all I know.
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