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couldnt agree more. i by myself am flying a defiant fleet version with cannons everywhere. i tried other ships like the excelsior (love this one) but it just makes no sense.. i always switched back to escorts because with beams, i was so slow in doing damage. doesnt make much fun. i would love to play one of the big ships but they are a backdraw compared to my defiant in almost any way. even if they have double the shield and can heal themself, it makes no fun. so there are 2 situations:

1. the other beam ship is a healer and the only thing he can do is heal himself and i cannot destroy him


2. the other beam ship is not a healer, has some attacks that may scratch my shield a bit but without support of other ships, he wont ever destroy me. most likely i will destroy him.

there is no situation, where one of those big ships would harm me seriously (except when i have a bad day and my captain skills are somewhere else but not on the bridge). there are of course some exceptions here and there but the biggest amount of players with beam ships have no chance.

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As I noted in my example, certain Escorts may be more suited with beam weaponry as opposed to cannons, such as the Prometheus, or even the Akira Class. In fact, the only known FED ship to use cannons, is the Defiant, and even then, it has a mixture of beams and cannons. "Turrets" are unique to STO, and not even remotely canon to Trek.
hmm what about that destroyer? (that ugly one, dont recall the name of it)
What ? Calaway.

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