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# 1 Confused about proc rates
02-07-2013, 04:07 AM
Okay so I never really though about proc rates before cause I thought I knew how they worked, but I just got into an arguement with a fleet mate about them and now I don't know anymore. Maybe you guys can clear this up.

My thoughts were that each weapon normally has a 2.5% proc rate for its added effect. Power drain for polaron, subsystem targeting for phasers, and so on and that each time you attack with that weapon you have a 2.5% chance to trigger it. So with 4 phaser weapons you would have 4 chances at 2.5% each. He claims that having four phasers makes the proc rate 10% each time you fire all of your weapons. He's adding them up as if the proc isn't for each individual weapon, but for all weapons combined once.

What is right? I'm using 5 polarized tetryon beam arrays(10% proc) on my tank and he says its the same rate as if using 5 regular tetryon beam arrays(2.5% proc). Is this true?

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