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02-07-2013, 05:52 AM
Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
Everyone but those who enjoy the balloons.

Turn your physics low if you don't want to see balloons. I had my setting low, and I never saw any. In fact, at first I thought my popper was broken. I now run with a 100 setting.

It's sad that Cryptic listened to the minority of whiners who couldn't figure out how to change one setting. Damn RPers.
I said this in an earlier post just after the problems started and I guess I'll have to repeat it.

Why should I have to alter my settings and detract from my gameplay just to satisfy a bunch of morons who can't control a childish urge to swamp the game with idiotic balloons. My graphics are set to normal gameplay and that is how they should be able to stay. They worked perfectly well prior to the advent of the balloon gun which, I might add, serves no purpose other than to satisfy the childish desires of griefers, those 'tards who seem to revel in causing arguments in chat and attempting to fill essential rooms, like the bank, etc, with balloons.

Incidentally, this is a MMORPG. You realize that RPG stands for Role Playing Game, right? Thus, your denigration of role players is rather idiotic in itself, isn't it? Role Playing Games are designed for RP'ers.
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