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# 1 Bio-neural warhead
02-07-2013, 05:08 AM
So I saw this thing laying around on the exchange for a reasonably cheap price and decided to try it out. I must admit, I'm not too impressed so far.

My current weapon layout (Mirror Patrol Escort) is 4x DHC on the front, two turrets on the back and the bio-neural warhead. The warhead replaced a third turret.

I'm having trouble imagining how it's useful. I look at the damage of it and it's not terribly impressive compared to standard tricobalt torpedoes or dispersal pattern 3 lawlcobalts. The range feels weird as well. 5-15m is a very, very weird range set that I'm just not used to.

The built in defenses it carries with it are cool, but also seem to be an issue. Whenever I launch it, it goes ballistic and starts shooting EVERYTHING in sight, which usually pisses an enemy ship off and kills it. Even against single targets it seems to out-threat me and get shot down despite me dumping an alpha strike on them.

Even if by some miracle it gets to its target in one piece, the turn rate on it is so garbage that it misses the target and has to chase it around. By then, I've blown up my target, making its launch a moot point.

The only possible use I can see it doing for me is providing a few extra points of damage before it gets shot down, or it can take care of some stray high yield plasma torpedoes if I'm up against Romulans.

So, what am I missing? I kept hearing horror stories from some of my buddies who do FvK space pvp, but overall, I'm... wondering what the big deal is. Seems like a waste of c-points/EC to me. If anyone wants to share strategies on how to properly use this thing, please let me know.

Or, is it just not an escort weapon? I suppose if I get bored one day and I hop into my Mirror DSSV I can replace the Tricobalt launcher on that.
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