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02-07-2013, 06:34 AM
Common sense is lacking in this move Brandon. Consider this...

Most people who have not completed this project are likely smaller fleets that have fewer members to provide resources.

Thus, those providing the resources for any projects are likely to have a lot of fleet credits without this holiday event, possibly more than they know what to do with. They didn't start the project because they needed fleet credits, they started it because they wanted the cool project.

As stated, before by posting this you've made an already small supply of winter commodities in even more demand than they were before by saying, "Hurry up or we'll scrap the whole thing!"

To be honest, in my small little fleet I was saddened that we didn't finish it during the Christmas event, but I figured oh well it'll get finished quickly next winter. As for possible specialty missions that we'd miss out on, no big deal Cryptic said they'll offer those over again and again. And my fleet is not big enough to need the filler projects that allow large fleets to get more fleet credits opportunities to their fleet members.

By default this should be left alone, if you want to offer help to fleets that no longer wish to keep this project active fine then do so. But do not assUme you are helping my fleet by removing this project, it is well over half way completed and fleet credits are worthless to me at this point.
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