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People are complaining beams are bad. I agree with them. Here's my idea to improve them.

Auxiliary Beam Arrays

These Beam Arrays are cosmetically identical to normal beam arrays, but they operate slightly differently.

They only deal about 85% of the damage of a standard Beam Array. However, they try to make up for this in a few different ways. First of all, not only does their damage increase as weapon power level increases, but auxiliary power also determines damage dealt by Aux beams as well. Weapon power determines your energy weapon damage after skills, boosts and other spec details are factored in. If your weapon power is sustained at 100 regularly, you'll be dealing roughly 200% of your standard damage. Auxiliary power also factors into that, starting and increasing when you set your aux power at or below 50 (which would be a .5 additional modifier. So, let's use math now:

Standard Beam Array - 100 Damage per shot x 2.0 = 200 Total Damage

Aux Beam Array (Less than 50 Auxiliary power) - 85 Damage per shot x 2.0 = 170 Total Damage

Aux Beam Array (50 Auxiliary power) - 85 Damage per shot x 2.0 (+ 0.5) = 212 Total Damage

Aux Beam Array (100 Auxiliary power) - 85 Damage per shot x 2.0 (+ 1.0) = 255 Total Damage

If your auxiliary is set to 50 or higher, you gain a bonus over standard beam arrays. Up to 55 additional damage per shot if your aux is at max.

To balance this out, this Beam can only be equipped on Science vessels or the Odyssey class cruiser (there may be others viable for it if so let me know).

Ionic Beam Array

These Beam Arrays deal approximately 70% of the standard beam array. They also drain approximately 1.4 times the amount of weapon power of other beam arrays. But they also have a special trick. When attacking an enemy, the player will get a 0.18% heal of their maximum hull. This can be really powerful if combined with a high weapon power.

Standard Beam Array - 100 Damage x 2.0 (100 Weapon power) = 200 Damage (0 Hull healed)

*10 power drained when firing other weapons

Ionic Beam Array - 70 Damage x 2.0 = 140 Damage

*14 power drained when firing other weapons

Because of their increased power drain and lower damage, Ionic Beam arrays aren't very effective when used in large numbers. Thus, they're best used on cruisers which benefit from large maximum hulls (and will therefore gain more of a heal than another ship type) and fatter power bonuses and Boff abilities.

If one Ionic Beam Array fires 45 shots in a 1 minute engagement:

(Sovereign Base Hull) - Heals approximately 31, 590 Hull (702 per shot) in a minute

(Luna Base Hull) - Heals approximately 21,870 Hull (468 per shot) in a minute

So yeah, these ideas, though maybe not the most balanced in PvP, would still be good for PvE. Any thoughts on the balance or impact in STO?
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