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02-07-2013, 06:17 AM
Looking at the OP and the data there it is remarkably similar to what I've been putting out as well.

The green/blue/purple % outcome is approximately correct
The distribution of consoles is heavily weighted, guessing if what is said is true and the weights are equal, there is something else hidden there forcing some consoles to be rarer than they should.

In tactical consoles; vast majority of the time you are getting generic warhead, generic beam, generic cannon, but my TCD and ambiplasma's are way higher. Actual energy consoles are quite rare, and rarer still for purples.

Eng consoles seem to spew out the injector, field emitter and plasma dist consoles like crazy. Armour seems fairly well distributed, even rcs consoles. Personally I've had fewer Neutroniums, but its not statistically telling.

Sci consoles are misleading without actually documenting, because most sci consoles are terrible. But PI, sensors, stealth, and countermeasures pop up over and over, nearly 75% for those four. Only had one field generator but a dozen of each of the above. The semi-useful bunch sits in the middle, the emitters, particle, graviton, etc.

So if the RNG is picking quality/success of the mission, what is being used to pick the specific console? The two can't be tied together.
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