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Originally Posted by williamjaneway View Post
Personally, this relates to theft on Perfect Worlds part... Yes a project is time limited and can be understood by players, but when filling this project with anything that has cost real money and then saying that will not be compensated elsewhere is theft.

Imagine going to a car dealership and agreeing to purchase a new car, you sign the deal, pick the appropriate payment method and know you have a 6-14 week delivery while they build it, you have either paid up in full or start weekly payments... then the dealership turn around and say, sorry that car has been taken out of production now, it was only a short term production and your car wont be complete in time... you wont get a refund...

It would never happen!

A project once started should be allowed to finish... and no future ones started, or the funds inputted should be diverted elsewhere to other ongoing projects or converted to a usable means (ie dilithium) and put into a fleet pot to be used on another project (but not withdrawn from the fleet contribution system) and thus Perfect World not loosing any precious finances and users not losing their financial commitment to the game/project.

To turn around and say yeah but you got fleet credits so you can keep them is poor substitute, i can imagine the reason they are being left is only because it would be too hard to modify everyone's account to remove them!
So last I checked, the holiday ornaments didn't cost any money, and the only even arguable way you could spend money to get them would be spending Lobi, and for what they gave that seemed a little silly.

Second, unlike the seeming popular opinion of the forums, not every action that PWE or cryptic undertakes in the game is tantamount to theft. I assume there is no system in place to keep track of what each fleet individual contributes to a project in hindsight, because once you get into the large projects with hundreds of items to add in, the logs for the starbase would be prohibitively huge. All they're really trying to do is say that there is a starbase project that many fleets have active, the items which are required for it do not drop anymore, because they were holiday specific. Rather than force every fleet to have that slot closed until they can fork out enough money to buy the ornaments on the exchange with a set supply, and thus a consistently increasing price on the gratitude beads, they're making it so the fleets don't have to be stuck with it..

They're trying to give a reasonable solution to the impending problem, which is both a compromise to the fleets who are stuck with it, and with the amount of time and money that would need to be spent for other projects. I assume they're just nuking the project as an available one in the servers, as a ~30 second fix to the problem. I don't think you can reasonably expect them to code in entirely new mechanics and systems in order to make it so the fleets can get a refund on a single holiday project, that's not even very popular once its complete, especially when much of the point of the starbase projects is that you have to complete the ones you start.