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02-07-2013, 06:33 AM
Originally Posted by ocp001 View Post
So what's the secret when people just stack team fortress on top of ES? OH and just for fun lets all carry a copy of it and cross extend each other. With Aux2Bat cycling so 1 copy of ES works like 2. Eh just throw on a ES Doff too for the extra SDR. Why not have everyone with the Max SDR value?

Point is, the ability can be easily abused without much effort. However rather than nerf the ability outright, I'd rather see it given a longer CD or the target not able to be multi-extended.
The first way to answer this is zone denial. TBR the ball apart. Turn it into smaller engagements and try to work for favorable mis-matches.

The other way to answer it is to bring your own cheese. After you TBR them away from each other drop a 60 second grav pulse on them to keep them there. Tachyon mines on each of your team members will work just fine since they use the drain mechanic.

But your other post also brought up the temporal stuff too. If we're going to discuss the larger issue here, it's that coordinated premade PvP can put a hat on a hat in a way that seems to turn some abilities into monsters. It's nothing new, we all know the primary focus of this game's development is not balancing for the rarified min/max premade crowd. I don't think they even really understand the nature of this population or they would have them on the test servers breaking things.