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02-07-2013, 07:43 AM
I do think that tags and improved search could fix the issue, but I am still of the opinion that grind missions don't fit the spirit of the foundry, a tool designed for story telling. As I see it, there are tons of other places to grind similar mission, it's just the foundry can give the best rewards it seems in the current grinds. The foundry is the only place players can tell their own stories, and other than the latest Featured Episode, is the only place story based content is coming from. I do think any mission that is obviously there just to gain the system, whether an exploit or not, isn't fitting in the foundry, and should probably be pulled. Now, if there's a mission with some story, and tons of combat that is kinda grindy, I'm fine with that, because at least it has some story to it, even if the intent is just to kill stuff. My own missions I put in lot's of combat, so gameplay focused people can get that in my missions, and they still do have the option to not really read any of the story, though there is a story.

The one thing I would love to have an answer from the maybe understand your point of view more, is what is the draw to you for foundry grind missions. What makes them so fun to you compared to other grindy content in game like patrols or STFs?