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02-07-2013, 06:57 AM
Depends on the lobi you have, honestly.

I had 300+ I wasn't going to spend on anything else, so upgrading the sets made sense. The JH space is nothing that impressive, but if you're just getting to 50 and you don't *have* any of the STF / Reman stuff and can't afford or craft Aegis, it's not bad. It works well with the polaron weapons, it's a good damage boost.

The ground set does have unique armor look which some people might like. The health boost and occasional stealthing can come in handy.

Long story short: If you have a full MACO/Omega/HG set on ground, the ground really offers nothing. If you have a complete MACO/Omega/HG set on space, it'd debatable, it's not really good for Borg but works well on fleet dailies and other stuff.

If you have no end-game sets, it's well worth 300 lobi.