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02-07-2013, 07:09 AM
I've just convinced myself that season 8 would bring absolutely nothing to the KDF, except the same old shared content stuff.

While we haven't shared specifics yet, we will be detailing our plans for the Klingon faction in the coming months.
"In the coming months" means "not likely to happen soon" in Cryptic's language. When it's soon it's soon but here it's just wishes and thoughts for season 9 or more.

Dstahl: The KDF are getting some love in Season 8 but I can?t discuss the scope of it yet. As we get closer to the release, more news and specifics will be released along with some previews of what we have been working on. I personally believe that Season 8 will be a positive release for the KDF.
Quote from the last ask Cryptic.

When something is about to be released, it's always "awesome", "great improvements", "players will love it" and so on. When it's about to be released, Dan Stahl is always very enthousiastic. Here it's just "a positive release for the KDF". Which means there will be very little unique stuff for the faction.

Here is an example of what i'm saying:

While I can?t spoil any of the details on what exactly is coming, it is exciting to come to work every day knowing that we are building some great new experiences for STO in 2013 that will give fans some of the things they?ve been wanting for a long time (including myself!). It is a wonderful time to be working on STO, and while I?ve always been excited about our potential, it is great to see some of our efforts start to pay off. The game is growing and that is an exciting place to be for an MMO

Rest assured that we are working on some new uniforms for the KDF side in Season 8 that are similar to the Mercenary outfits because not all KDF players want to wear spiky boots and shoulder pads.
Quote from the last ask Cryptic.

This is the only certitude we have for the KDF. A new reputation and probably new costumes as perks.