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02-07-2013, 08:16 AM
Power: Nadeon Detonator

Issue: Does not apply to Breen 'Rapid Reload' Transphasic Launcher, despite being a of a 'standard torpedo type'.

Profession: Engineer

Issue: Powers don't level up to/synergize well enough compared to other professions. Engineer is flown on the merit that it has the least to lose in certain ships (ie: Cruisers) compared to eng and tac professions.

And by 'least to lose' we mean 'doesn't have much to begin with, so you aren't wasting your potential... because you have no potential'

Powers: All Powers (although specifically, all non-targetting self-buff or team buff powers)

Issue: Inability to set powers to autocast/autoactivate gives unfair advantage to users with gaming keyboards/mice that allow the setting of macros to auto-activate their powers.

Solution: Allow for powers to be set to auto-fire like ship weapons can be, leveling the playing field.

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