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02-07-2013, 08:20 AM
It all sounds great...but like many others have stated...Stahl has made these promises before, and each time we hear "the next season is the season for KDF" he reneges on the promise, and what usually happens is that the KDF get one or two ships, some costume options that may or may not work, while the Feds will get a new race, new missions, and roughly double the number of vessels provided for the KDF.

But...I do feel a glimmer of hope. The rhetoric this time around is much, much stronger...and there are indications that a new faction may be coming...and they have stated repeatedly that a new faction will not come until the KDF reach a more playable state.

In terms of new ships...some more tactical escorts and destroyers would be nice...but I hope they provide one or two real sci ships as well....