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02-07-2013, 07:23 AM
I also think that Cryptic as all the tools they need to assess hardware. Furthermore, i belive that the game should remain backwards compatible with lower en computers so that more people can play the game, that is why graphical settings exist (min/max detail, debris, particles,etc.)

I play the game on such a premise, albeit i am a super-tweaker, so for lols, here's my setup...

What type of GPU are you using and is it Single or in SLI configuration (Dual, Triple etc)?

external gpu: gtx550ti, 1g ddr5
internal disabled, used to be a intel 965

What type of CPU are you using in your system and are you using more than one?
Intel Core 2 Duo pro ULV 1.6ghz

How much RAM do you have installed?

What OS (Operating System) are you currently using?
Windows 7 32bit (i know, 64bits processors, but some of my software do not run on 64bit windows...)

What is your current PC Configuration?
Laptop, Lenovo X61T