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Originally Posted by ferdzso0 View Post
yeah, I forgot to post them, and am not near to the game. anyway, here is what I remember, and will give names laterz

gravimetric scientist for aftershock grav well
space warfare specialist for 10% dmg against borg
a jem'hadar doff (I dunno which one is exactly that) for tac team cooldown and attack pattern dmg bonus
a doff to reduce evasive manouvers CD
exocomp for dmg and battery power bonus

2 human
3 sauran with efficient trait (though the more the marrier) or some numbers around this

I have not been experimenting with the new romulan crit boffs, they will be the way to go, but as they are still being balanced, I did not want to invest into them, they cost a fortune
Originally Posted by kingstonalan View Post
My sci in the recon vesta is currently parsing 8500 average dps in ISE

3 Aux DHC
2 Phaser Turrets
1 Cutting beam
Elite Scorps

Weapon Power 95/60
Aux Power 125/90

Adapted XII Maco Shield and Deflector (+8.8 Aux bonus)
Jem XII Engines (+6 Weapon bonus)

Tac- MK XI purple Phaser Relays x4
Eng- Zero Point, Borg Universal Console
Sci- XI blue Shield Gen x2, QFFC, Fermion

BOFF layout:
Lt Cmd Tac: TT1, CRP1, APB2 (Rom +crit chance)
Lt. Tac: TT 1, CRP1 (Human)
Lt. Eng: EP2S1, Aux2SIF1 (Efficient Saurian)
Ens Sci: HE 1 (Efficient Saurian)
Cmd Sci: HE1, PH2, TSS3, GW3 (Efficient Saurian)
yeah, I got around that much too. however there is some high tanking loss in there. the borg engines plus deflectors should help that (borg engines give aux power I think, not sure atm, so you can transfer it to weapon), and if you use the usual maco shields, you would gain some weapon power too when being shot at