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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
well, I had it happen to me now.... What I noticed was that after the cutscene on the time ship my current objective had been reset to an earlier part of the mission. Scanning the anomaly did nothing because it wasn't part of the current objective.
Interesting. I THINK now I've figured out where the problem is happening. If you ask the party what their specialties are before assigning the tasks, the mission seems to reset itself at the end and it can't complete (stuck at "Redacted", scanning the anomaly does not complete the mission). If you DON'T ask their specialties, and just assign the jobs, it completes.

I was certain it was lag and that waiting at the end before scanning the anomaly is what triggered it for me, but this time I waited and it did not complete. The only difference was that on the Fed side, I was put back in the control room needing to unlock the door, where on the KDF side, I was always put back to the beginning of the maintenance tunnels.

Attempting to follow troubleshooting methodology, I changed just one thing. This was the first attempt for one of my Fed characters, I followed the steps that I took to completion for my KDF (after the first 5 tries failed), with one exception - I asked each their specialties first, then assigned the tasks in order to get the accolade 'Don't Quit Your Day Job'. Went through the rest of the mission exactly as I had completed it on the KDF side, and at the end, was stuck at "Redacted" and could not get the mission to complete on scanning the anomaly. I waited a full half-hour, although I did scan every 5 minutes, and it wouldn't complete.

Next run-through, from control room, did everything exactly the same except did not ask anyone what their specialties were, just assigned the jobs (which was what I did when the KDF one completed as well). Sure enough, after completing the mission, waited 5 minutes then scanned the anomaly and it completed immediately.

If this is the problem, it would account for so many people thinking that choosing particular jobs or redoing it a few times is what was the trigger. After redoing it, most people are just going to choose the specialty and go from there.

Please post if assigning tasks without consulting about the specialties works for you or not. I will be trying this after the server comes up, to see if it works on another toon's first attempt.
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