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02-07-2013, 07:37 AM
For a varient to the standard vo'quv, try the mirror version - its set up for engineering, but in my opinion carries more than enough science still to be good for a sci role, but with enough hull tankiness (via boff skills) to toss the carriers own damage into the fray when you use the sensor scan instead of hanging back (even better, the ship has space for aux to dampner to give the carrier some turn capability outside of evasive doff use)

Also, as the carrier uses aux to determine hangar recharge rates, you naturally will have a high aux to help with science skills, which also determines heal strength for hazard emitters and aux2sif..

Try it - you can get a mirror for less than a million ec, so its worths a try if the Karfi is out of reach or you just can't live with the reject-from-Darius :p