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# 1 A Forcas Social Zone
02-07-2013, 08:49 AM
From the get go as a member of the KDF you have to fight once to prove yourself and another to defeat a Romulan spy. I have to admit that those two missions have always had me wanting the Forcas arena available as a social zone with PvP in the arena.

I would say that special white gear be made available for those going into the what I'll call "Pit Fights" With Hand 2 Hand and Blade fighting being the medium for combat.

You could also open Pit Fights at Drozana so as the Feds can take part in some of the action or just let those that can travel to the Forcas system be able to beem down and take part there. Might restriact it to Like level 50's but would consider makeing lower levels just match level 50. However as a low level KDF it might make for a nice diversion for leveling thus makeing another arena on Qo'nos might be advised.

I see this as a great way to add for rep, XP, and a new Social Enviorment. That those of any flavor might enjoy. An arena Champion might even gain favor with the High Council and the Chancellor.

So if this is an idea you might like to see added to the game and the Empire. Then please post and if you have ideas that could make it even better then please share.