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02-07-2013, 07:56 AM
Shield regen on most all shields do not work currently. If you use a Regenerative or just a plain jane Shield they do work. I tested the Resilients and the Covariants and none of those types work. Basically if it does not show a regen value under defense then it does not work.

With my current setup my regen tooltip shows as 1,564 shield regen/6 sec using a Regenerative shield. Using a covariant, Resilient and some set pieces and episode quest shields it shows nothing. I did however calculate a regen of 523 by taking damage and adding up how much shield actually did regen. So there is some actual regen goin on even with the broke shields. I'm guessing from skills, gear, passives or what not.

I highly suggest you swap to a shield that actually works. I believe getting over 2,000 shield regen/6 sec is possible btw. I don't have the passive from rep yet as i'm new to the game.

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