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I have built some really strong cruiser builds that give the best escort pilots a run for their money. The thing I have seen with running cruisers is that a escort can keep all guns on it at all times and do mass burst damage between tactical teams making it difficult to fight them. so in the end a good escort will always beat a good cruiser just because of that one issue. The cruiser cannot put out the damage to burst between the escorts tac teams.

I personally believe they are outclassed as far as pvp goes you can run a sci ship and put up about the same heals and damage but be more maneuverable and more survivable plus all the goodies that come with running a sci ship!
How do you lose to an Escort in a Cruiser? A Sciscort? Are they receiving outside healing from somebody that's also doing damage to you? Do they just outgear you that much? Did you build the Cruiser trying to get a fast kill instead of the attrition kill? Are they just the folks that you acknowledge could kill you if you were flying DS9 or a Unimatrix cause they're just that damn good?

I just don't get this.

Usually the Escort's going to disengage. They know they're not going to kill you and that eventually you're going to kill them. They might return with friends, they might return when you're in a weakened state to land the killing blow, or maybe they even hang around while calling in friends.

I get that some Cruisers just pop...poof...gone...but I've always wondered what the Hell they were doing or if they were simply not paying attention. I've been cloaked, following somebody in, I buff up, get ready to move after the other guys does...but poof - gone. I'm like WTF? Cause when you flip sides and are sitting in your cruiser, that same guy decloaks on you's teehee, that tickled. WTF was that other guy that got popped doing?

The Cruiser should be able to beat the Escort...1on1...eventually. Give that Escort a Healer Cruiser, and your Cruiser's going to lose. You won't get through the healing from a dedicate healer and they're additional pressure damage will be enough for the duo to win in the end.

So you bring a Healer Cruiser too! Does that mean that once again that you can win out in the end? Nope, it won't be enough damage to kill them before the server goes down for weekly maintenance even if you start the fight right after it came back up.

Okay, so bring an Escort of your own! Nope, you're going to lose that fight. You won't have enough combined damage to take them out while you won't have the healing to win the extended fight.

Right here is where a lot of the "hate" for folks flying non-support Cruisers comes into play, imho... sure, the Cruiser is awesome if it's out there by itself. The more players you add into the mix, the weaker the non-support Cruiser becomes - with a sharp decline even when you go from 1v1 to 2v2 that only gets worse from there out.

You're not likely to find many Escortjocks that want to duel attrition Cruisers - the fights take too long, and honestly - sometimes the Cruiser simply wins because they've bored the Escort to death...subconsciously, they just give up (or maybe they even literally fall asleep).

It's where things come up about both Engineers, Engineer BOFFs, and Cruisers...being able to provide additional support to the team. So maybe the guy in the Cruiser's not bringing All Da Healz - but he's actually bringing something to the team.

Look at those BOFF abilities, eh?

EPtA (self)
EPtE (self)
EPtS (self)
EPtW (self)
ET (self/ally)
AtB (self)
AtD (self)
AtS (self/ally)
BP (target)
DEM (self)
Extend (ally)
RSP (self)
AB (target)
EWP (deployable AoE - offensive)

CMB (deployable AoE - offensive)
QF (self/ally)
SR (self/ally)
WM (target)
RPS (self)
SGF (deployable AoE - defensive)
TF (deployable - offensive)
CF (deployable - defensive)
ED (self/ally)
MGF (deployable - defensive)
QMF (deployable - offensive)
CS (self/allies)
FA (target)
SDF (pet summon)

Yeah, you look at Space - you look at Ground - you look at Space - you look at Cryptic and SCREAM WTF????

The same happens with the captain's abilities. WTF, Cryptic, seriously, WTF?

Then you look at the Space abilities again - how many of those should be innate to ships in general or cruisers specifically? How many of those should be Tac or Sci? How many Tac or Sci should be Eng?

It's so broken on so many different levels, it would probably take a STO2.0 even to begin to address everything that's wrong with STO. Course, with the May Update...we're likely just to get more broken crap layered on top of broken crap... but maybe it will be shiny and green, eh?
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