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02-07-2013, 08:02 AM
Hi guys,

Awhile back I made a few maps of New Romulus and its instances (see post below), and after that I started to look for other parts of the STO galaxy that could use a map. Starfleet Academy below Earth Space Dock is one of the places in-game I like and that looked like it could use a map, so without further ado here it is.

Starfleet Academy v1 (imageshack) - Starfleet Academy on STO Wiki

I intend to keep adding more maps to this thread, so I'd appreciate if a forum mod could stickie this one instead of the New Romulus thread (or both, or merge).

Please post any feedback here, send via ingame mail to Newt@idrona or find me on STO Wiki (Idrona).
Any feedback is better than none.

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