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02-07-2013, 08:04 AM

I absolutely agree -- which is why this quote caught my eye.

Power allocation in Star Fleet Command and Star Fleet Battles could be somewhat complex - the same concepts are not present in Star Trek Online in any reasonable fashion other than the power levels you can adjust between engines, aux, shields, and weapons...and those are flat percentages for every class of ship which handles power allocation in an abstract way.

Comparing the two systems is not realistic...

Yet...we have this quote, and the idea that somehow warp core energy levels will matter in the future.

No matter what they do...if they tinker with this idea, then I think space combat is going to change somewhat.

If this is some sort of lockbox console that does nothing more than add points to the four power systems...well...think of the outcry that was made over Plasmatic Leech...that would be a walk in the part compared to a console that did the same thing, except on a constant basis...