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02-07-2013, 09:11 AM
Originally Posted by deusemperor View Post
I make 21 consoles a day across 7 toons. (Toons are purple critical trait, resolve, and engineer 24/51/24)
My console spread purple blue and green right now:

Taking your information here (and I assume you mean you got 177 green consoles), and applying the same simple analysis as above we would expect your to get:

Purple = 782*0.24 = 187.68
Blue = 782 * 0.51 = 398.82
Green = 782*24 = 187.68

We do a quick test to get a chi-square = 3.299, df = 2, p = 0.1921.

That tells us your observed drops do not significantly differ from your expected drops. Thus, the quality of the console drops is occurring as expected or correctly.

Now if we do a post hoc power analysis (which really should only be done a priori) we find the following power (1-beta) of the test above:

Small Effect Size - Power = 0.850
Medium Effect Size - Power = 1.00
Large Effect Size - Power 1.00

So in this case, the sample size is large enough to determine even a small difference between the distributions.

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