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Originally Posted by firstywone View Post
Hi All,
I am a Lifetime Sub, have been on and off STO for a while now, I noticed that my Veteran status in game is only on 700 day and wondered why it is not showing the full 1000 days, and I have not received my nice shiny new Heavy Cruiser .. any idea's ? I have checked my status in my accounts page and it shows 1108 ..

Any insight into this you caould share would be appreciated .

Kind Regards
Firsty .

The 1000 Day ship is a Destroyer. If you want a Heavy Cruiser, just go and purchase one. It ought to be free if you haven't already gotten a ship for your Commander Rank.

If you want to get the Destroyer, go to the Starbase. Head up to the Ship Requisitions Officer and there is an option to receive a Token for the Chimera. Grab it and then go the Ship List and trade the Token for the vessel. I assume the klingon version works the same way.