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Im Kraven with a fleet to be named, we have a very active member base and are very casual. We offer a T2 Embassy, T3 Starbase and T4 Ship yard. The only requirement to join this group of rogue adventurers is a good sense of humor. We have a vent server for members to join, so they can give and get info easily.

We offer something that many fleets don't, a system called fleet support points, members will be awarded F.S.P. for attending scheduled events, player performance and completion of assigned missions. Negative F.S.P will be used as a deterrent to unacceptable behavior or dishonorable actions.

Fleet Support Point Rewards

Fleet support points will be awarded to members who sign up for flights, perform well and complete Squad missions.

Per flight sign up=200fsp
Attendance bonus(5 flights in a row)=500fsp
Performance bonus=100fsp
Squadron missions=1000fsp

FSP Rewards
Blue MkXI
Blue gear(def or shlds)=500fsp
Blue console=1500fsp
Blue weapon=2000fsp

Purple MkXII
Purple gear=5000fsp
Purple console=10000fsp
Purple weapon=50000fsp

bear in mind that not all consoles and weapons will be available but if possible can be procured.

We provide training and feedback to members who seek to improve their skills in both Pvp and Pve content, instruct members on balance and values in PvP environments and proper tactics to make PvE content more enjoyable and prosperous.

Being a supporting member of an active fleet is the best advice I can give in this game.
we know how hard it can be to grind and or afford great gear so let us help you. Are members are friendly and ready to answer any questions. Let our members teach you how to make energy credits, fleet/reputation marks and dilithium quickly and efficiently.

Good luck and have fun out there

~The Eleventh Order~
11thOrder Youtube

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