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Originally Posted by elvnswords View Post
/signed as it is written at the top of the post.

I love the idea of the Jupiter as a playable, and I would love to play with it with autodefense turrets.
I like the idea of a both photon and phaser defense turrets on the ship.

3 to fore 3 to aft works but the BOFF seems off to me. A ship built for war needs a Commander Tact.
I didn't put a commander tac in there because combined with the slow turn rate and 6 weapon slots, the added abilities would not be that great. Plus, lets face it, the best tac abilities are cannon ones and attack patterns. We could get those with a lower tac slot.

The higher eng makes more sense to me to have it tank well and the slightly higher sci would give it a few neat abilities to pop off in combat.  1340218559
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