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02-07-2013, 08:22 AM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
I have personally seen Eject Warp Plasma to work for decloaking, and I was told Charged ParticleBurst works, too.

So if a team has 5-10 CPB's available, it could track down subterfuge-EBC-cloaked ships and destroy them, breakable as they are. The trick would be to use those abilities in an organized manner.
I've flown through Vent Theta Radiation before the Rom BOFF, and it rarely decloaked me. I don't think EWP would work either.

Yes, CPB works. But, I usually don't fly within 6-7km of my target, specifically because the typical range for reveal abilities is 5km. Yes, my Breen Cluster torpedo and Bio-Neural are targetable. But, they still manage to get a hit in, because everyone is so preoccupied with the other ships that are not cloaked. Usually, my Breen cluster gets swatted away easily with FAW. But, the shields on my Bio-Neural warhead keeps it alive, especially if I use TT.