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# 27 Random Thougths On Beams
02-07-2013, 09:43 AM
One of my biggest gripes with Beams is that they (graphically at least) fire far too often. They light up the screen and look like they should really be doing something but some odd mechanics seem to prevent that from being the case.

I'd like to see beams fire only once per cycle. The damage calculations would still operate similarly to the way they do now with four possible chances to hit/miss. If all of the calculations say they hit then your single beam will be stronger. That should make the beam a little more spikey since it would apply that damage only once rather than over time.

Power drain might work more like DHCs, so it should fire at a higher level but also recover more quickly.

Fire at will would still work something like it does now (once they've fixed the issues with certain mods being ignored by various abilities). Plus, it would actually look very different from the new single shot per cycle version so it would be more visually impressive than it is now.

I also think that Beam Overload should be returned to something like its original state where the beam was offline for a while after it was used. I think it's a more realistic penalty than just power drain.
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