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02-07-2013, 11:00 AM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Ship stats

Your stats didn't take into consideration "effective" hull/shields through upper tier heals that Cruisers have access to and Escorts do not.

Who has more effective total hull?

The Defiant with 1 Neutronium, and 1 HE for hull heals.


The Sovereign with 3 Neutroniums, HE 1, Aux to SIF 3, ET 3.

Obviously the Cruiser could also be tossing those heals to an allied Escort giving them highe effective hull.

I'm just trying to envision the game wondering if fighting a handful of cruisers that each have 200k hull and 50k shields per facing would even be remotely fun.

Originally Posted by stevehale
If they adjusted issues with yo-yo healing, innate passive healing, and the crazy strong interaction between defense and movement speed I'd like to see Cruisers that have literally 2-3 times more hull capacity. A Cruisers mass should be more obvious in ways other than just their inertia values.
Wouldn't that just be turning Cruisers into the Borg?

What you're describing seems to be bringing PCs closer to NPCs.

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