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I searched the forum and the web for info on this but came up blank. I've also opened a ticket with Cryptic but have not yet had a response. Here is the issue:

My Klink character finished Temporal Ambassador during the first hours of the 3rd year even when lag was insane. For some reason when I moved to the Klingon Shipyards to ready my new ship it readied it and the ship above it in line. Now I have two starships and a shuttle readied. This wouldn't be a problem but when I launch a ship all the BOFF slots are empty in the tray and assigning them to stations in the Character Status Window (stations tab) doesn't put them in the tray.

I've tried to ready other ships and it will let me do so but the same issue above persists. I also thought about dismissing the new ship from Temporal Ambassador and running the mission again to get a replacement but I can't dismiss any readied ship either. I've tried a lot of experiments but nothing seems to fix this problem.

When Cryptic responds to my ticket I'll post that update here.

Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone else know how to fix this?