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02-07-2013, 11:34 AM
In a recent blog for Priority One I took note on how the NPCs seem to lack any form of AI, such as pathing problems and such

My question is will the "AI" of the game be improved/Overhauled?

as right now it hinders a lot of gameplay choices,
BOffs standing in plasma fires only to have another one rush in and try to revive him only to suffer the same fate, I'd rather have Worf, Geordi and Data, not the 3 Stooges
AI Driven parts of Player ships (MVAM & SS) while the benefits are nice they don't out weigh the downsides of them flying into explosions, sitting there following your ship clearly bugged out, Its all fun and games till someone looses their saucer with 900 crew aboard
Even NPC AI ships that players call in, Distress call ships often despawn without engaging as well as photonic ones

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