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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
Single cannons even do more than beams. The damage type says less but the DPS is higher. DPS is what you need to wear down shields or destroy hull faster. Beams don't do hardly crap to hull. In the canon Star Trek world, cannons and beams do the same amount of damage with different looking effects. The only reason players tend to arm all their escorts and battlecruisers with cannons is because they are the quickest way to deliver damage. This has caused an imbalance and made people choose one type of ship over another. If weapon types were more balanced, then you would see more beams being employed on escorts and battlecruisers and more ships would be able to share in the damage dealing.
On an overcomming resistance standpoint, beams actually do more than single cannons/turrets because the damaged is lumped into one hit. If a target has low resistance or the proc' per shot is for damage, then yes, single cannons do more. Honestly, single cannons, turrets and beams should be pretty much lumped into one group of its own: Not DHC/DC.

Also, it is my opinion (take it for what you will) that cruisers shouldn't be running any of the 45' arc weapons, even a slightly above average turning Excelsior would have problems using them effectively.

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